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One can say that making friends is not a big deal, but it is not so easy to find a real one. I am absolutely convinced that every person needs a true friend, who will support, who will give a piece of advice and who will understand you as nobody in the world. They say that it is much easier to bear troubles if someone shares them with you, and you feel happier if someone can share your joy.

Most of them are classmates. My best friend called Andrey. He is fourteen. He lives with his parents not far from the school.

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Most of them are classmates. My best friend called Andrey. He is fourteen. He lives with his parents not far from the school. Andrey has a lot of hobbies: he likes to play the computer, to read detective stories, to collect butterflies. He likes animals, espesially cats. He has got a cat Lastik at home. Andrey has short, light hair and grey eyes. He is quite short and rather thin. He always manages to be cheerful, energetic, full of life and energy.

He is helpful and honest. Andrey is very popular. Hе is a helpful person and every time he tries to do her best to help somebody when he has problems. Andrey is very attentive to his parents.

Of course, he has some drawbacks - sometimes she is a hurly-burly boy, a bit stubborn. But still like him as she has a good sense of humour and pleasant to deal with.

We spend much time together - watch video or listen to the music, walk or go to the cafe discussing all sorts of things. Our friendship helps me feel strong and sure of myself. Перевод: У меня есть много друзей. Большинство из них мои одноклассники.

Мой лучший друг по имени Андрей. Ему четырнадцать. Он живет с родителями недалеко от школы. Андрей имеет много увлечений: он любит играть на компьютере, читать детективы, собирать бабочек. Он любит животных, особенно кошек. У него дома есть кот Ластик. Андрей имеет короткие светлые волосы и серые глаза. Он довольно низкий и довольно худой. Ему всегда удается быть веселым, энергичным, полным жизни и энергии.

Он готов помочь и честный. Андрей очень популярен. Он отзывчивый человек и каждый раз пытается сделать все возможное, чтобы помочь кому-то, когда у кого-то есть проблемы. Андрей очень внимателен к своим родителям. Конечно, у него есть некоторые недостатки - иногда он сомнительный мальчик, немного упрямый. Но все равно мне нравится его хорошее чувство юмора и с ним приятно иметь дело. Мы проводим много времени вместе - смотрим видео или слушаем музыку, гуляем или ходим в кафе, обсуждаем все что угодно.

Наша дружба помогает мне чувствовать себя сильным и уверенным в себе.

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Рассказ "Андрей — мой лучший друг!" на английском. Посмотреть сочинение по теме "Мой друг / My friend" на iLoveEnglish. Топик на тему My best friend на английском языке с переводом — Мой лучший друг сочинение по английскому.

We made friends a few years ago. We are of the same age. We live in the same block of flats, so we see each other almost every day. Misha is a tall slender boy. He has got dark hair, large dark eyes, a straight nose, and thin lips. He wears spectacles. Misha is a nice guy. He is very honest and just, understanding and kind. He never lets people down. Misha is only 16 but he is very responsible — he finishes whatever he starts. He is a bit stubborn; nevertheless he is pleasant to deal with. His father is a lawyer. He knows everything there is to know about the law. His mother is a music teacher.

My Best Friend Мой лучший друг Every person should have friends, because with them, our life becomes much easier and happier. I have quite many friends, but there is one among them, who is the best and closest one, and the name of this person is Maxim.

Cочинение про лучшего друга с переводом Мой лучший друг. Cочинение про лучшего друга с переводом Привет, Друзья!

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Сочинение My best friend на английском с переводом Нет времени? Сохрани в facebook vkontakte pocket Essay on My best friend Friends come and go throughout our life, and each friendship is a one-of-a-kind relationship. Some friends are a joy to be with while others may bore us to death. Her name is Nat. She is a tall, good looking, young woman who has a really strong opinion on just about everything. She has to be a lawyer instead of a manager in some company.

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Let me explain you why I think so. Everybody needs someone who is close to your heart and way of thinking. Your parents will always love you anyway because they are parents. And your friend just likes you; he wants to spend his time with you and he is willing to help you when you need it. My best friend"s name is Stepan. He is not my schoolmate. Stepan lives next to me and our parents are good friends. We first met on my mom"s birthday party three years ago. Since then we see each other almost every day. Stepan is one year older.

I have a lot of friends but I want to tell about my best friend. Michael is cheerful, kind and inquisitive.

Real friendship is possible only when people respect and trust each other, when they have the same interests, when they do something useful together. Люди не могут жить без друзей. Настоящая дружба возможна лишь тогда , когда люди относятся друг к другу с уважением и доверяют друг другу , когда у них общие интересы , когда они вместе делают что-то полезное.

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